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This page summarizes some of the changes made to the Solar Ride game rules. You can find a lot of gory details in the log pages interspersed here and there.

The rules have been enhanced quite a bit to make the game more challenging and to have more play appeal than when the real Solar Ride game was introduced in 1979. While one could go overboard with lots of timed modes and other complexities the simple truth is that the playfield is too simple with too few targets to warrant such an approach. Also, complex rules are not always a good thing anyway.

I've made up a Gottlieb style instruction card that fits into the standard metal tray or apron of the game. You can download a high-res version of the instruction card here. It's a 29K PDF file. It provides a good summary of the rules. There's not much more to it than what is written there.

instruction card in game

The playfield image below shows the location of the letters in the "SOLAR RIDE" spell sequence. Complete the left bank of drop targets to spot the "S", the left kickout hole for "O", the top right rollunder for "L", the lower right kickout hole for "A" and the right flipper inlane for "R". The "RIDE" letters are the top 4 lanes. If you complete "SOLAR RIDE", the sequence changes to "ULTRA RIDE", with the "ULTRA" letters having the same position as the "SOLAR" letters. The game display helps you to keep track of what letters you have and need.


Last updated: September 26, 2008


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